• Lara Flanagan

Tell the day to last a little longer

Dear Tiney,

5 years ago tomorrow, you took your leave of this world. In some respects, it seems like a lifetime, in others it feels like a blink of an eye.

There is so much I would love to talk to you about. There was a crazy American President and now there is an even crazier Russian one. You would love the valiant Ukrainian President who is teaching the world that sometimes you just have to fight for what is right. As for our Australian government, well there is a reason that Australians are known for their ability to laugh at themselves. There has been drought, fire, and devastating flooding rains. Mother Nature is on a rampage and letting us know in a very frightening way, that it is time to listen.

I am a proud Momma and you would be the proudest auntie in the world. Archie and Rissie would break your heart and there are times when Rissie reminds me so much of you, that it hurts. Al remains a constant link in our lives, and we adore him so. Your family misses you every day, and your absence is felt in a way that words can't explain.

My grief Gollum is no longer a bottomless pit of despair. Rather he is a slimy little creature who reminds me every day that life can pivot on the head of a pin and that you never know what is ahead. He is a constant reminder that every moment is precious and that the most important thing I can do is to teach my kids how to live.

I am taking photos and writing poetry and I have a little shop in Tenterfield that is a place filled with joy, beauty, peace, and hope. Every time I take a photo or write a line in my little notebook, I am forever reminded of your faith in me.

I don't want much in my life as my heart is so full and I am the luckiest girl in the world. But I would kill for just one more moment with you. You are missed and loved, and you will forever be in my heart.

Tell the day to last a little longer

Tell the day to last a little longer,

I’d like to sit with it for a while,

holding on to the twilight hours,

with memories that make me smile.

Tell the day to last a little longer,

I want to dance in the summer breeze,

while I listen to the sound of silence,

and the whispering of gum leaves.

Tell the day to last a little longer,

so in my mind, I can sit with you,

share the day’s final moments,

and forget that you broke my heart in two.

Tell the day to last a little longer,

so I can float on the deep blue sea.

That hope must stand with heartache,

will forever remain a mystery.

Tell the day to last a little longer

as the world prepares to sleep,

I will lose myself in the night sky,

in my heart, your soul I keep.

Tell the day to last a little longer,

every moment to me is sweet,

a little longer, a moment longer,

would make my day complete.

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