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Tenterfield, so indescribably pretty

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Tenterfield is so indescribably pretty. At night, it’s main street, Rouse Street, glitters by fairy-light.

It is impossible to do a grocery shop without stopping to say hi. Tenterfield is a town so quaint that some shops still close on Sunday. For me, that is a beautiful reminder that occasionally it is ok if the world slows down.

Tenterfield is home to tree-lined avenues, granite boulders and roads of endless dirt. A place where locals continue to smile and remain chipper despite the drought, the fires, the dust and smoke.

Home to a million cafes, endless coffee and places to eat both north and south. Boutique shopping where forever-fashionable owners will tell you exactly what looks right.

Tenterfield is my home. I have never loved it more than I love it now.

But it needs your help. Yet another fire burns on our western side and with no rain forecast, our little town needs your smile. Hit the road and come to Tenterfield, be a local for a little while.

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