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The Bellevue Road Loop

In 2020, it is very much a changed world. Australians are known for being well-travelled and for collecting entry and exit stamps in their little blue book. However with international travel off the cards many people are assessing short and long term plans and realising that now is the time to explore their own back yards.

I have received an increasing number of messages from people who would like to visit Tenterfield and who were looking for recommendations of places to stay, to eat and things to do. People were also very interested in knowing where they could take photographs and If I could let them know my favourite spots.

It is lovely to hear that there is so much interest in our little town and I thought I would share with you my favourite places to start the day with something beautiful in Tenterfield with a series of posts. For those of you who follow my Facebook and Instagram feeds, you will know that one of my obsessions is to #startthedaywithsomethingbeautiful.

In this article are seven of my favourite places that I call the Bellevue Road loop. In the coming weeks I will share other spots around the 'field that keep me returning all year round!

My favourite time of the day is the morning as I love the morning light and it is when I walk with Kevin and Rosie. I revisit my favourite places often during the year as they change according to the light and the season. In winter I get up at 5.45am while in summer it tends to be a little earlier. If the sky is spectacular or if there is a mist and a light I love, I tend to take photographs before my walk. Generally though, I look for something beautiful about 7am.

While I have been bogged, snagged on barbed wire, fallen in ditches and disappeared into waist high grass, all the places below can be easily viewed from a road and do not require you to be Lara Croft or Dora the Explorer.

Obviously within Australia there are restrictions that we need to abide by. Whether they be border restrictions, social distancing or recommendations to avoid certain hot spots. Our back-yards are beautiful, but remember to stay safe and not put anyone else in jeopardy by actions that go against any current recommendations or restrictions. Please also respect private property.

If you are visiting Tenterfield or just rediscovering your own backyard, I hope you enjoy these beautiful places that make up the Bellevue Road Loop.


Begin the Bellevue Road Loop at Deloraine, located on Clarence Street, or the Bruxner Highway. Deloraine is a beautiful historic sandstone and granite home in Tenterfield built circa 1868. When I first came to Tenterfield it operated as a B&B and sometimes a cafe, but since then it has reverted to being an incredible private home. I am not sure of the rest of its history, sometimes in this world of 'Google' it is nice to imagine. There are a number of spots from where you can take a great photo. Possibly my favourite spot is on the corner of Wood Street and The Bruxner Highway. This spot is particularly magical on autumn mornings when the ground is covered by a carpet of golden leaves.

Bruxner Highway

To continue, leave Tenterfield and travel along the Bruxner Highway, heading east. This stretch of road is possibly one of the most photographed roads in Tenterfield and it also acts as the eastern welcome to Tenterfield. It is the most glorious stretch of road with an avenue of deciduous trees. I suspect they are pin oaks, but I have never been good with details - all I know is that they are responsible for one of the prettiest parts of Tenterfield. This spot is beautiful any time of the day and is particularly famous for its autumn colours. Possibly my favourite mornings are the misty ones, when if lucky, you can capture the early morning rays of dawn.

Corner Bruxner Highway & Bellevue Road

As you continue down the Bruxner Highway, the first street you will come across is Bellevue Road. If you are following this loop you will end up at this very spot, but I recommend stopping here before heading east. Stop at the corner and look east towards the shed. This is one of my favourite spots to capture an early morning sunset, especially if it is a golden gift of light. The shed is on a small hill so the best times to photograph this is early before the sun fully rises.

Kochs Road - just off the Bruxner Highway

Kochs Road is worthy of a whole post on its own. As part of the Bellevue Road Loop I am only including this particular stretch of road, which is just off the Bruxner Highway on the right past Bryans Gap Road. Kevin and Rosie hate this road because if I wake up and the sky hints of being awash with colour I forego our walk and head east. As I say to them, it hurts me as much as it hurts them as I need my walk too. I have taken some of my favourite photos standing on this road and if the light is right, it is nothing short of incredible. Once you have finished here, do a u-turn and head back to the Bruxner Highway.

Bellevue Road

From the Bruxner Highway turn on to Bryans Gap Road and follow this lovely dirt road until you come to Bellevue Road. Turn left. Bellevue Road is a beautiful bitumen road and is the type of road that reveals something different every time I drive it. It is a treasure trove of delights! This particular spot is a few minutes along Bellevue Road and is looking back towards Bryans Gap Road. Beautiful any time of day but particularly stunning on a frosty morning when the road is lined with frost.

Bellevue Road - Through the Gate

Continue along Bellevue Road heading back towards Tenterfield and keep your eye out for a bend on the right for this particularly lovely scene. There is a well worn track to the gate so you can easily and safely pull your car pull over. I love this scene and while I generally favour early mornings I think it would be beautiful any time of day.

Bellevue Road - The Windmill and the Lone Dead Tree

Continue following the turns and curves of Bellevue Road until you come to the final stretch which will take you back to the Bruxner Highway. A few minutes past the turn off for Boundary Road, you will find The Windmill and The Lone Dead Tree. Due to the height of the hill behind the windmill this is not the best spot for early sunrises but once the sun is a little higher, it can be spectacular.

I hope you enjoyed my favourite spots along the Bellevue Road Loop and managed to start the day with something beautiful. Stay tuned for future posts when I will share with you other favourites spots where you can enjoy beautiful morning moments before hitting Rouse Street for coffee and breakfast.

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