• Lara Flanagan

The road less travelled

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

I like the road less travelled. I relish being without a plan & seeing how the universe responds when you jump. I love being happy with my life & what I do. I am grateful for being able to create a life where my kids are my priority, but I also do things that feed my soul.

I was not always like that – that way of looking at life unfolded in the last 10 years. It has been a decade when a succession of confronting life lessons opened my eyes to what was important.

I am not good with plans. I was going to be an actress, but acting school sucked every essence from my soul, so I quit. Instead, I became a Caxton Street bar bum. A trip to Japan did not end with a trip to Europe, but I did get a lifelong best friend. A 12-month journey to the UK ended up being a 5-year stay. An incredible career in hotel sales & marketing found me happiest when I was moonlighting in a delicatessen in Notting Hill.

My marriage failed, & I ended up moving with young twins to a country town called Tenterfield. I bought a cottage, & then I got sick. Shit happens, but life is what happens as a result of the way you deal with that shit. If someone had of told me 20 years ago that I was going to find my happiness behind a camera lens & in a plant-based kitchen, I would have laughed out loud.

My problem with plans & goals is that most often they tend to focus on the result. Be a superstar, be a millionaire, be an influencer, whatever. But anyone who has ever achieved any sort of success knows that it is not the result that drives them, it is their passion & obsession that drives them. Their success came because they relentlessly fed their soul.

Feed the soul, do what makes you happy, let your heart sing. Rise above adversity & a long & winding path will lead you to a place that makes you happy.

We talk about goals, about plans, about having a vision board. Perhaps we should be talking about happiness.

This picture was during our 3rd trip to Italy on a path above our village of Uzzano. If I had of planned this picture, it would never have happened. I was walking in a place that made me happy, it was a path less travelled, & the result was so beautiful it made me cry.

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