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The Your Face, Your Story Project

The Your Face, Your Story Project

The Your Face, Your Story project.

I am currently in the planning throes of a new project that I am passionate about.

This project is inspired by many things such as the countless conversations I have had with incredible women who have crossed my path since I first opened my High Street premises in mid-2021 and who continue to visit me in my Rouse Street happy place and reach out to me on social media. It is fuelled by the incredible, dauntless souls I have met in the pool during the Water Warrior Project which is still ongoing. The fire in my belly comes from dear friends who have started articulating the challenges of ageing and yet who soldier on bravely, fiercely, and magnificently regardless. This fire is fanned by those in my life who have loved, who have lost, who have had their spirits broken, yet who continue to embrace the most inspirational wholehearted living. Ageing and the privilege associated with it, is something I care deeply about as my heart still has a hole in it from someone I love who will never get old and I do not want to squander a second of this precious, crazy life. Finally, it is something that has come alive from my own experience of ageing and some of the things I have learned thus far.

This is The Your Face, Your Story Project and is focussed on celebrating the lives of fabulous women over 40 and challenging the stereotypes of women and ageing.

At this stage, the project is still in the very early planning stage. As I have some big commitments with the Water Warriors, Oracles, Easter and my April workshop I am hoping to launch this in May.

So please register your interest via my email if this project is of interest. I am looking for women over 40 to enjoy a personalised photo shoot experience celebrating your life and your story. At this stage, I have few details apart from the fact I want there to be a special exhibit and celebration at the culmination of the project.

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