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The Your Face, Your Story Project

The Your Face, Your Story Project is inspired by the conversations I have had with countless incredible women since I opened my gallery, studio, & store. It is inspired by friends who have started articulating the challenges of aging, yet for the most part are silently soldiering on bravely, fiercely, and magnificently. This fire is fanned by those in my life who have loved, who have lost, and who have had their spirits broken, yet who continue to live so very bravely.

Ageing and the privilege associated with it is something I care deeply about, and it is something that should be respected, and celebrated which is not something we always get right in this ‘civilised’ world. Finally, it is something that has been born from my own experience of aging and some of the things I have learned thus far.

The Your Face, Your Story Project is a celebration of the lives of fabulous women over 40 and a challenge to the awful stereotypes of women and ageing.

​Be seen. Be heard. Tell your story. Celebrate your life.

To find out more about the project head to:

Alternatively, below are the most common questions I have been asked since talking about this project.

Is there a session fee for the Your Face, Your Story Project?

No. It was important to me to make this project as affordable as possible to ensure that price is not a barrier to entry and that as diverse a range of women as possible can be involved. The only cost associated with the project is the cost of the image packages. If price is a concern, I recommend purchasing the Hero Image Package and you can always upgrade after your shoot though there would be no pressure to upgrade. If you are happy with your hero image, then that is wonderful.

​What does the Your Face, Your Story Project include?

Involvement in the project includes your Discovery Meeting, your shoot, & your post-shoot meeting. You will also be featured on my social media channels and blog.

​Can I be involved if I don't want my images shared on social media?

Part of the reason for me doing this project is to inspire other women to celebrate themselves just the way they are and to create a feeling of community. Sharing beautiful positive stories in a negative world is an important part of what I do and a vital part of this project. If you are not happy with your images being shared on social media, you would not be suitable for this project. I would be delighted to discuss a shoot with you using my standard package prices.

Where will the Your Face, Your Story Project take place?

We can be super flexible when it comes to the Discovery Meeting, & Post-Shoot Meeting which can take place wherever suits including my studio and on zoom. The actual Shoot will take place at my studio in Tenterfield. I am happy to include other locations such as your home, or a special place in your heart for your shoot if that is important to you. This project is meant to be a celebration of you, so that is something we can discuss at the Discovery Meeting.

​Does the shoot include Hair & Makeup?

No. The shoot does not include hair & makeup. If you would like to organise hair and makeup for your shoot, please do so. We will cover all of that at the Discovery Meeting. I believe in doing what makes you feel comfortable.

​What will I wear?

There is the opportunity to bring up to 5 different outfits. At the Discovery Meeting, I will advise you to wear what you feel comfortable in. For the shoot, wear what makes you feel safe, happy, sexy, loved, and wonderful. If you want to celebrate various sides of you then this is your chance!

What days are available for this project?

Ideally, the best days for me are from Tuesday to Thursday, however, I will do my best to accommodate your work, family, and life commitments! At the Discovery Meeting, we will schedule dates for your shoot and post-shoot meeting.

​Can I include my children, partner, pet or family?

Absolutely! Part of your beautiful story is the people you love so if you want to include your loved ones at the end of your shoot, then the more the merrier. Please remember that are allowed to make this entirely about you.

Tell me about the exhibition

One of the most exciting parts of this project is to celebrate the portraits and stories of the 40 incredible women involved in this project with an exhibition. At this stage I do not know how long this project will take so the date and details of the exhibition will be advised later. All the image packages include one ticket to the exhibition and the mounted print used in the exhibition. This print will be available to you after the exhibition. Please note that there will be a fee for any additional tickets to the exhibition.

​How do you choose who participates?

I am not 'choosing' anyone. I believe every woman is beautiful and has an inspirational story to share, so I am not interested in selecting or excluding anybody. This project is first come, first served. The only limit to participation is that you are a woman over 40. The only other limit is that there are only 40 spots available.

​How long do you think this project will take?

I honestly don't know! As long as it takes me to shoot 40 incredible women over 40!

I love the sound of this project. I would love to reserve my space. What's next?

Please email me at and let's get started.

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