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The Your Face, Your Story Project - numbers 19 - 27

9 up of portraits

I would love to introduce you to the next 9 women (numbers 19 - 27) participating in the Your Face, Your Story Project.

I had a Zoom catch-up with Ann tonight, whom I will introduce tomorrow.

As of tonight, the Your Face, Your Story Project is filled and I have 40 incredible women over 40 who have signed up for this project. As it stands now, I have 13 more women to meet, 36 shoots to complete, and a fabulous, celebratory exhibition to plan for the new year which will be how we end the project.

This project has taken on a life of its own and I am blown away with the array of women who have signed up to celebrate themselves, just the way they are.

I am so excited to share the incredible faces and stories of this exhibition. Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the project and to those who are cheering these wonderful women on from the sidelines.

Please note that my Full Portrait Sessions are now booked until the end of January 2025 though Micro-Portrait Sessions are always available whenever My Notes From Gallery, Studio, & Store is open though bookings are required.

Thank you to everyone who continues to assist my dreams come alive.


Beauty, hope, joy, & inspiration

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