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We have backpacks! Things just got real.

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

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I am finding it fascinating how people are taking my news. I have had three friends ask me if I was dying.  I had another friend ring me and tell me in a very serious way over the phone that I need to be realistic and to know that there are going to be very tough times ahead.  I really appreciate her concern, I appreciate everyone’s concern. I am definitely not dying, I am probably healthier than I have been in 3 years.  

I am well aware that there will be tough times ahead, I am travelling on my own with 8 year old twins. I am sure there will be moments when I will be howling at the moon and my question of choice to myself will be WTF have I done.  I have had people shake their heads at me and say nothing.   Others have been over the moon with excitement and want to join me.   There is no middle ground here, people either think it is brilliant or people think I have rocks in my head.

At times I am finding the whole thing incredibly overwhelming.  I keep adding to my list, as soon as I cross one thing off, I add three more. Little hurdles also keep appearing.  I know myself too well which is why I booked and paid for the tickets up front, without really thinking about it too much. Because I know, that if I had of looked into it I would have come to the conclusion that it was all too hard and decided that I should be doing something else.  Tickets are booked.  Tickets are paid for.  Now it is a matter of making it happen.

We did the 7 ½ hour round trip yesterday to Brisbane to check out Kathmandu. My sister and her partner wanted to get backpacks for the kids and myself and there was a huge sale on so we jumped into Ruby and got ourselves sorted.  I must admit whilst I was in the store I had a scrolling WTF going over and over in my head.  Our whole lives for a year were going to fit into 3 backpacks and 3 day packs.  I started sweating and I didn’t really stop until we headed home to Tenterfield.  After we got home in the early evening and my dad put the fear of god into me about Travel Insurance I sat in front of My Kitchen Rules and had a good sob.  I felt like a nervous wreck.  But I pulled myself together and then spent 2 hours on the internet sorting out a company that will insure us. My brother and father are helping with the Travel Insurance and I am overwhelmed by what my family are doing to make this dream happen. I was also terrified that it would be impossible to insure the three of us due to pre-existing medical conditions and I had been in a whole state of denial about it.

Turns out that there are several companies who will insure us and the premium was nowhere near as frightening as I had feared.   So I was able to let John John my brother know that I had stopped freaking out (I lied) and I crawled into bed and continued freaking out for a few hours. This morning I felt a little frazzled. I am going to hit the sack early tonight, get some sleep and wake up again in the morning and tell myself to stop freaking out. The calm rational side of me knows that everything will work out.  That is why I booked the bloody tickets without any serious preparation. To stop the freaking out me making excuses and to just force me to make it bloody happen.  At times though,  it does feel like I have a lot to achieve and sort out before the end of July.

Good news is that the school put me in touch with the School of Distance Education and after spending 20 minutes on the phone with the Deputy Head I am really excited about the school and no longer remotely worried about us finding it difficult to keep up with their schooling and to make it work in with our travels.

The other good news is that John John texted my today and his landlord has approved two four legged house guests for 12 months.  I had another little cry when I got that news.   Now I know Kevin and Rosie will be loved and spoilt rotten and will have their own little 12 month experience.  Another job ticked off the list.

We have Backpacks, Kevin and Rosie are sorted  – things just got real!

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