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Why Facebook shits me

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

It is something I have been following with curiosity as I manage several FB pages for work and it will be interesting to see how the changes unfold.  At least it is being talked about openly now.  When Mark Zuckerberg first posted the changes on his Facebook page in early January, I immediately thought, “God, you are full of shit Marky Mark and Facebook.”  I also thought a few other things, but even I have boundaries and know when things should not be repeated.

To quickly summarize Mark’s post, he said that Facebook is awesome and because they care so much about people, they want the time that is spent on Facebook to be meaningful.  They are awesome.  He is awesome. People will see more posts from friends and family and less from business and videos.  Mindless videos are bad. But Facebook is awesome.  They care.  They care deeply. They are awesome.

Not once was there the mention of paid Facebook advertising.  Which is what this crap is all about.   I suspect they are a little sick of seeing good organic reach and engagement from Facebook Business Pages which means little revenue for them.  So now they have changed the algorithms to a ‘Facebook Cares and is Awesome’ algorithm which means that you will see more friends and family stuff.  And paid advertisers of course.  They don’t care so much that you are not going to see advertising.  That would be too much.  You will still see advertising.  Of course, you will.  That’s the whole fucking point.

Yesterday Marky Mark made an announcement that people are spending less time on Facebook which he is awesomely happy about.  Because he cares and is awesome.  Facebook also quietly announced their financial results for the year which showed a nearly 50 percent year over year growth in advertising revenue.

I hate it when things are not transparent.  It is like when someone says something that makes your jaw drop and they respond with, “I am sorry, just being honest that’s all.”  I always feel like saying to people who say that, “No, it is not about honesty, it is about an absence of kindness.  That’s all.”   Like Marky Mark and Facebook.  It is not that they care about people.  It is that they care about growth.  They are a business and Facebook is not an automatic right that we are entitled to.  That’s fine. Just be honest about it.

If he really cared about people, I could give him a few suggestions to truly show that Facebook cared about people.   Why not increase the age to 18 before people can use Social Media and release a statement saying that they believe that children and young adults should learn things like communication and compassion before they learn to do disturbing poses in the mirror with their phones above them at an angle while making weird duck faces and showing off their underwear.

If they really cared about people acknowledge the truly frightening growth of trolls and cyberbullying and develop an app that bans cyber bullies for life from social media.   If they really care about people create seminars that teach young people about the digital footprint they are leaving in the world.  Show them that what seemed like a good idea at 2am in the morning with a gut full of underage booze might not seem such a good idea when a future possible employer does a search on them.   There are so many things they could do if they really cared.

I am not saying they must care.  But be honest.  Be transparent.  Make a statement saying that you are making changes because you want to increase your revenue.  But don’t say you care.  It really, really shits me.  It makes me want to say for fuck’s sake a lot.

So that was my drive.  I was truly on my soapbox for the 2 or so hours it takes me to get from the Gap to home.  I was a little fired up.  Then as I drove up to my driveway, sitting in front of the gate in the rain were my two patient dogs Kevin and Rosie.   There is nothing like a welcome home.  As soon as I drove up they ran around the yard like ballistic missiles.  When I got out of the car I was smothered by two wet hair balls until I smelt like a wet dog myself.

That’s love.  That’s caring.  Coming home to two dogs that have been waiting patiently for 5 hours in the rain for you to come home.

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