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Why portraits are important.

Portrait of a man in his 40s. Male headshot.

People often ask me why portraits are important.

When Al was here recently, I asked him to sit for me for a portrait. Like most people, he rolled his eyes, and told me he took terrible photos, and didn’t really like photos of himself.

After the initial “nobody has ever taken a good photo of me” awkwardness, Al and I kept talking, he forgot about the camera and he relaxed. I completely love the photos I took of Al and will treasure them forever.

A while after Al had seen the photos, he told me that he had never really looked at his face before and that it was something we should all do. Suffice to say that Al will no longer be able to say that he only takes terrible photos. He sent the photos to his mum and dad who adored them.

So when people ask me why portraits are important, I think of people like Al who had never really looked at his face before.


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