• Lara Flanagan


I don’t have free to air television in the cottage. It is not from some moralistic point of view; it is just that a while ago in my continuing efforts to minimalise I decided I really hated the useless black cord sticking out of the floor in the lounge room of the cottage. So, I got some pliers and chopped that cord off at the base. I have since been told that considering that cord was my live antenna, it was very lucky I wasn’t thrown out the window and electrocuted.

Funnily enough I don’t miss it.

I catch up on the news when I am working and when I am in the car listening to the local news. Today, as the kids and I headed off on our little adventure in the wee hours I had no words.

The only thing that kept me from weeping was that both my children were upset, eloquent, and vocal. Rissie was loud and angry. Whereas Archie was quiet and enraged. Both gave me hope.


Strong women.

May we know them,

may we raise them,

may we be them.

May we teach our sons to love them.


Fearless women,

may we love them,

may we honour them,

may we be taught by them.


may we laugh with them,

may we cherish them,

may we be inspired by them.

May we stand with them,

and when they fall,

may we remind them

that bravery does not wear a cape,

but rather chooses to get up

and fight again.


I am with you, I am you.

You are my daughter,

you are my sister,

you are my mother and my friend.

I see you, I love you,

and I stand with you.


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