Travel, country life & food photographer.
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Lara Flanagan is a photographer who is passionate about capturing the beauty of the world in which she lives. The unique highlands region of Tenterfield is where she calls home and it was here where she found her initial inspiration to start documenting the world around her. She lives to chase the light and to capture the beauty of her surroundings. 

When not home in Tenterfield, she is roaming Australia in her vintage Viscount van Tiney-Boppa, or spending winters in Italy, forever with a camera in hand. 

Lara's mission is to see and capture the beautiful and she believes that if you are looking for it, beauty can be found everywhere. 

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Travel Writing. Feature Articles. Blog pieces. Collaborations. Website Content.

Lara Flanagan is an experienced writer, and content creator. Driven by her desire to tell stories, she is passionate about creating memorable content that effectively and memorably tells your story. Lara is valued by her clients for her professionalism and dedication to providing words that take the reader on unforgettable journeys.


Recipe creation. Menu consultation.
Plant-based workshops. Food photography.

Lara's plant-based journey began after a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis when traditional treatments left little hope. She is a passionate advocate of our ability to heal ourselves with the food that we eat.

Lara believes that life should be an endless feast and that there is always hope, and she loves nothing more than sharing my story. Her plant-based recipes have been tested by her harshest critics (her children who dismiss anything that tastes 'vegan'), are beautiful to look at and a joy to eat. 


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