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Products from my heart

For me, products that are beautiful, eco-friendly, sustainable and kind are a priority. 

I have two things that fill my heart with joy. My recipes and my photography.

Instead of paper books  I am focusing on eBooks which means no waste, no excess printing and no landfill. 

My Sister's Table is a series of eBooks that will share my love of plant-based food that is easy, achievable and delicious. After all, if anything, life should be a feast!

Please find below my first two My Sister's Table recipe eBooks - the perfect feasting table and the sweetness of life. 

Please also find below my range of photographic wood prints.

These prints are Australian made using Marine Grade FSC Certified Australian Timber.

My photographic wood prints are a celebration of the world in which I live and focus on Tenterfield and Italy - two places that have eternally claimed my heart. 

I also work on ad-hoc photography pieces pending your preferences, so if you have anything in mind, please send me a message. 




Photographic Wood Prints

Please note that framed prints, prints alone, canvas prints etc can also be arranged. I deal with these orders on an ad-hoc basis. Please contact me with your preferences and a quote can be arranged.


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