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Lara Flanagan Contemporary Portrait Photographer

Portraiture; a celebration of the beautiful notes from within. 

Notes from the heart. Notes from the soul.  Notes from the past. Notes from the present. 

My photos of the world in which I live, of the people I share it with,

and of my place in the world are some of my most precious possessions.

I love to capture these moments for my clients,

so they too can forever remember, cherish, and celebrate their place in the world.

I love the fact that every face is home to a million stories. 

Why you should consider a portrait session with me. 

Because this moment, right now, should be captured. 

Because we should all have legacy images. 

Because you are more beautiful than you realise. 

Because we should celebrate our place in this world. 

Because we are important. 

Because, just because. 

My studio is based in the picturesque town of Tenterfield in the

Northern NSW Highlands of Australia. 

I am surrounded by a land of the most beautiful dirt roads, granite rocks, and big skies. 

It is here where I make endless notes with my lens. 

My notes from my and your world.

I am a mother, a dreamer, storyteller, & a perpetual optimist. 

I am a believer in magic, unicorns, chasing sunrises,

& the fact that life is short but also beautiful.

Beauty, hope, joy, & inspiration.  

Tenterfield, NSW, Australia.

If you are interested in my landscape photography,

please head to THIS LINK to see my online collection. 

There is a limited range of wood print options linked to my online gallery. 

If you would like to discuss the full range of wall art and printing options,

please contact me directly.

I am always delighted to help. 

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