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Heather, celebrating 57 fabulous years

Portrait of a woman

Heather, celebrating 57 fabulous years with the Your Face, Your Story Project.

I caught up with Heather for her Discovery Meeting today as she was on her way to the Blue Mountains to recharge her artistic soul! Heather is an incredible painter (one of her works is currently for sale and on display at My Notes From).

I asked Heather what she looked forward to most in the years ahead and I adored her answer:

"What a difficult question! I think I look forward to possibilities. It’s possible to have new adventures in new places, more walks in forests, more deep breaths of fresh air, more warm sunshine and hugs from friends, time to follow new dreams, set new goals, collide with new opportunities, finish projects, meet new people, to keep loving life, I’ve come to view time in a much deeper, less linear way.

How many important, life-changing moments do we have in life, that if, added up, may have only lasted a few minutes, or a few seconds. I live with the belief that while we are still breathing, it will never be too late to experience a beautiful moment."

The Your Face, Your Story Project is a project that celebrates the lives of women over 40 and challenges the stereotypes of women and ageing. It is my little revolution!

As of today, the 2024 Your Face, Your Story Project is filled with 40 incredible women and I look forward to sharing their faces and stories with you in the coming months.

I will be doing the project again in 2025 if it was of interest to you and you missed out so stay tuned to my socials and newsletter from May 2025!


Beauty, hope, joy, & inspiration

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