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Hey Lara, Well yesterday I was working with a client and I was talking about my experience of having photos done and I showed her your website and she was so blown away by your work. She loved it.

And I read what you wrote about your work and….. absolutely stunning…. bought a tear up.

I have never paid much attention to my face or features in a way like I have with this and I really felt I was looking at me in a different sense. Usually I brush over photos of me and I wonder why? Shame or embarrassment I don’t know but usually I feel both. So I felt the process has shifted a part of me. Thank you. You are doing something gentle, natural, loving and giving with your awesome gift.


Thank you so much Lara. These images are simply gorgeous! 
We so appreciate your wonderful efforts.

Thank you for taking this Lara. I like this photo of me, which is something I rarely say x

Elizabeth: Editor - Regional Lifestyle Magazine

Pip Williams - Photographer

Thank you Lara, you have captured my garden beautifully. Thank you for all the joy you bring to the world through your photography.

Kim: Ivy Leaf Cottage

Hi Lara, our house sold this morning. Thank you for your lovely photos. They really showcased this lovely property and contributed to the success of the sale.

Karen & Don

Hi Lara, Thank you so much for sending through the link for the photos you took last weekend. They are stunning. My apologies for the delay in replying to you. I have been having a lot of trouble selecting images. There are just so many beautiful shots to choose from.


The only problem is that I love them all......


Talented, compassionate, clever, funny, joyful. So happy you came to photograph my special place Lara. Thank you.

Kylie: Peakvue Studio

Thank you so much for these magnificent images Lara.

Elizabeth: Editor, Regional Lifestyle Magazine

Oh my god, there are some amazing ones in there. I am so happy with them. Thank you so much.

John and Stacey

Couldn't have got what I wanted any better. Thank you so much.


Lara, these are absolutely magnificent! I'm completely obsessed with autumn this year, and your photos capture its beauty perfectly.

Kim: The Bungalow & Ivy Leaf Chapel

We loved working with Lara on our product range.

Matilda: Matilda Made Leather

Thank you so much Lara. We love your work even though we complain about getting our pics taken.

Deb: The Corner Life & Style Store

As someone who hates photos of myself I was totally at ease with Lara. I'm pleased to say she has given me the confidence to have more pictures taken.

Justin: Bushwackers Barber Tenterfield

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you Lara on this very special project. Your beautiful images are now a special part of the JP Cooper & Son office. You've captured the beauty of this town so very well. Thank you very much.

Tracy: JP Cooper & Son

Your photo was a work of art. You have developed an innate ability to convey the feel of the Tenterfield region.


I am so in love with these pictures! You have done a phenomenal job, I am forever grateful Lara.


You capture truly beautiful photographs of ephemeral moments. Thank you.


Hi Lara,
Thanks so much for your time and expertise with our photo shoot.  We certainly have some lovely shots to select from.


Thanks so much Lara, your images will help us hold onto memories of a special piece of our family history!! Thanks so much for your time and enthusiasm we so appreciate it!


You have a great gift of presenting Tenterfield at its finest!!!!


Dear Lara
Thank you so much, we are delighted with the photos and can't wait to have the framing done. It might be a wee bit difficult to choose just 1 or 2 as they are all so lovely!
We will be in touch re the printing.
Thanks again

Richard and Lisa

Thankyou so much they are amazing!!!

Libby: Ray White Tenterfield

Dear Lara, thank you so much. These photos are just amazing and I'm sure Transport Heritage NSW will be very happy with the results.

Lois: Tenterfield Railway Museum

My husband loved his photo of the old bridge. Thanks for your beautiful work.


Lovely selection. Thank you Lara.


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