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I am 52 and Fabulous

I am 52 and Fabulous.

I am 52 and Fabulous.

When I say I am not a fan of birthdays or Christmas, it is not that I don’t like birthdays or Christmas, it is just that I struggle with them. I don’t even like going into why I struggle as I don’t want anyone to ever think that I am criticising the way they celebrate. I am a huge believer in whatever rocks your boat! For me though, both my birthday and Christmas have turned into days of contemplation, and they are the two days of the year I miss Tiney so much it is as if she only took her leave yesterday and the rollercoaster of emotions can be brutal. I miss the way she made me feel so completely understood and loved. On my birthday and Christmas, I tend to focus on my giving thanks for all that I have and have had. They are weird days, but they are my days. It annoys me a little when people assume that they are not special just because I don’t celebrate those days in the way we are expected to. I would never judge the way someone chooses to celebrate them. I do celebrate them, but my celebration is simply very personal and very quiet, but it doesn’t mean it is not important.

Today I turned 52 and my gorgeous kids cleaned my filthy car and took me to lunch at The Courtyard. I then watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy with Rissie and The Last Kingdom with Archie. Life doesn’t get much better than that. On top of that, Archie and Rissie came to the gallery and Rissie put up my Christmas Tree and Archie did an “I am” Portrait Session with me.

My I Am sessions are a project of the heart. I think all forms of photography are fabulous, but I wanted to create something that celebrated you, just the way you are. No sunsets, sunrises, coordinating outfits, big hairdos, amazing dresses, or cavorting in fields - not that any of those things are not wonderful, because they are. But for me, I wanted something that was raw, and celebrated the beauty of a person, just the way they are, normally, naturally, and authentically. When I am old and grey, I know it is these types of photos that I will hold close to my heart and think, “oh my, wasn’t I wonderful and I am so glad I captured it.”

Today I turned 52 and I am fabulous. I am so grateful for the life I have lived and have yet to live, the lines on my face that say I survived. I am grateful for the tears I have shed, the smiles I have shared, and the laughter that has made my belly ache. I am grateful for my small tribe who fills my heart with joy, for making a living doing something that adds a little beauty to this world, for the cottage that feels like home, the shop door that makes me proud, and for this world that I live in. I am grateful for the memories that occasionally leave marks on my cheeks and for all that I have. I am the luckiest girl alive.

I am 52 and I am fabulous.

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