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Kerrie, a Water Warrior

A portrait of a lady

Kerrie, a Water Warrior

In Kerrie’s words:

I first met Amanda at the hydro pool in Warwick on a Wednesday – I then ran into her on a Friday in the change rooms there. We started chatting as you do and found out she was with her class of Metaqua swimmers.  At that time, I was doing hydro and walking an hour a day to get fit and to help with my knee replacement rehabilitation. I had been using the hydro pool every day after having a full knee reconstruction in April 2023.

After talking to Amanda, I bit the bullet and joined a Metaqua lesson - as they say, nothing ventured nothing gained. I am not a swimmer. Yes, I can swim, but when Amanda told me that I would be doing 60 laps, I scoffed at her. What a joke!  Well, I was proved wrong!  I was hooked with the ease of the program and the fact you go at your own pace. I think it was about June or earlier I started. It’s great because you catch up on Fridays with Amanda and the other members at Warwick but during the week or on the weekends, I head to the pool at a time that suits me. I do a different program each time I go to the pool, so I never get bored and usually, there are other members in the pool depending on their schedules.

I had a break recently as I was overseas, and I could tell when I came home that I wasn’t as flexible as I was before I went.  But a few weeks back at Metaqua and. I’m feeling great again.  I really enjoy Metaqua as there is no pressure on your joints and I feel as if my body has had a massage when I’m finished swimming. I love it.”

The Water Warrior Project is a joint project of inspiration between Amanda, Metaqua Instructor from @swimminginthefield, and Lara Flanagan, Photographer from My Notes From Gallery, Studio & Store

Portrait of a lady swimming

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