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Leanne, celebrating 58 fabulous years

Zoom portrait of a woman

Leanne, celebrating 58 fabulous years with the Your Face, Your Story Project.


Leanne, who lives in Inverell is another fabulous woman travelling to Tenterfield for the Your Face, Your Story Project.


Leanne and I had a lovely Discovery Meeting on Tuesday via zoom and I am looking forward to her shoot later in the year and catching up in person. We will be chasing sunrises with Leanne’s shoot so it will be an early start!


Leanne just oozes warmth and positivity, and I am so glad she is part of this project. Leanne feels incredibly lucky to be 58 and she is looking forward to the future positively. When I asked Leanne what she would say to her younger self if she could go back in time and talk to her and she replied, “I would tell her that she is stronger and wiser than she thinks and that she is a very independent woman.”


Leanne wanted to be involved in the Your Face, Your Story Project as she loved the idea of being a voice/face for middle-aged women as she is someone who believes in conquering your fears and just going for it. Life is way too short.


One of the questions I ask as part of the project is what the Your Face, Your Story Project means to everyone. Leeanne’s response was beautiful, “It means a great deal to me as I have lost three close women in my life way too early. I just want to remember them and remember to thrive for myself in this journey called ‘life’.”


The Your Face, Your Story Project is all about celebrating the lives of women over 40 and challenging the stereotypes of women and ageing.


The 2024 Your Face, Your Story Project is now filled with 40 amazing women over 40.

If you want to learn more about the 2025 project, please email me at

All details can be found on my website:

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