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Archie, I am not perfect


Portrait of a boy

Archie, I am not perfect.

My "I am Sessions" are a project of the heart. They are where I provide a space for people to celebrate themselves, just the way they are.

For these sessions, I only shoot in the studio, and we use neutral backdrops. I don't recommend any new outfits, new hairstyles, or special occasion makeup because these sessions are all about you, just the way you are. 


The only thing I recommend you bring is the willingness to simply be yourself and three of your favourite outfits to the studio.  Something light, something dark & something playful.


We will finish the shoot with a letterboard portrait of you with a word that celebrates

what you love most about you now. And if you don’t have a word, it can be as simple as I am me.


These sessions take however much time you need and a chance to slow down and remember what makes you special.


No photoshop, no dramatic retouching, no pro hair or makeup.

A celebration of you, just the way you are.  


These sessions are only available in the studio and are designed for one person.

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