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I am 52, and I look my age.

Portrait of a lady

This is a rather personal post for me, as I share more of my thoughts through my images now, but sometimes images are not enough, and you need words.

I am 52, and I look my age.

Recently, I got all my hair chopped off and I have been bowled over by the reactions. One of the common reactions that has surprised me most is along the lines of “oh you got your hair cut, it makes you look younger, it has taken years off your face, it has taken decades off you.” I know that people think they are complimenting you when they talk about looking younger, but this response made me think.

You see I like being 52 and I am proud of my age.

I am proud of the 52 times I have travelled around the sun. I have been a Jill of All Trades working in many professions, I have travelled the world, I have had my heart broken, loved fiercely, and known despair. I have lost hope and then regained it with a ferocity that sometimes takes my breath away. I have taken great risks, made stupid decisions, and tried things and failed more times than I can count.

At 52 years I am happier than I have ever been in my skin. I value myself, what I do and no longer say yes when I want to say no. I love that I add a little beauty to this world because I truly believe the world can never have enough beauty. I adore what I do and am proud of the fact that “my job” fills my heart with joy. I live simply but intentionally and every morning I wake, I am filled with gratitude. My body is not perfect, but I respect it more than I ever have before because it is strong, brave, and resilient. It made two creatures (whom I love more than life itself) from scratch. I have a small life but a good one, and I would like to think that when I am gone people will say that I lived well, and I made a difference.

Ageing is a privilege, and I am lucky to be able to do it. With age comes wisdom, experience, knowledge, self-awareness, and irreplaceable memories. My face and my body tell the story of my life and I would not change a thing, because where I am at right now, is where I am meant to be.

I am 52 and I look my age.

Thank you for my Riss for taking this photo of me.

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