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Rissie, I am me


Rissie, portrait of a teenager

Rissie, I am me.


I don’t think you can get much more beautiful than someone who says, “I am me” and is happy with that.


We live in a world where so often are never enough or are too much. We are told we are too old, too young, too fat, too thin, too loud, too quiet, too proud, too cocky, too shy, too confident, too extroverted, too beautiful, not beautiful enough. The list goes on and on and on.


To hear my girl say, “I am me” made my heart hurt. It took me quite a few decades longer to be able to say, “I am me, and I am enough.”




My "I am Sessions" are a project of the heart. They are where I provide a space for people to celebrate themselves, just the way they are.

For these sessions, I only shoot in the studio, and we use neutral backdrops. I don't recommend any new outfits, new hairstyles, or special occasion makeup because these sessions are all about you, just the way you are. 


The only thing I recommend you bring is the willingness to be yourself and three of your favourite outfits to the studio.  Something light, something dark & something playful.


We will finish the shoot with a letterboard portrait of you with a word that celebrates

what you love most about you now. And if you don’t have a word, it can be as simple as I am me.


These sessions take however much time you need and are a chance to slow down and remember what makes you special.


No photoshop, no dramatic retouching, no pro hair or makeup.

A celebration of you, just the way you are.  


These sessions are only available in the studio and are designed for one person.

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