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The Your Face, Your Story Project

The Your Face, Your Story Project.

A lady came into my studio last week to ask about the “Your Face, Your Story” project. She had never had anyone take her photograph before. She is turning 75 this year and felt it was time. She said she wanted to have one photograph of herself that she loved. Just one. She started to cry and so did I. 


Another lady messaged me to say, “just wait until you get close to 70; you are truly invisible then.” And another told me that “being invisible is one of the loneliest feelings in the world.”

This project is inspired by the conversations I have had with countless incredible women since I opened my gallery, studio, & store and the warrior souls I met during the Water Warrior Project. It is inspired by friends who have started articulating the challenges of ageing and yet who soldier on bravely, fiercely, and magnificently. This fire is fanned by those in my life who have loved, who have lost, who have had their spirits broken, yet who continue to embrace the most inspirational wholehearted living. Ageing and the privilege associated with it, is something I care deeply about and it is something that should be respected, and celebrated which is not something we always get right in this ‘civilised’ world. Finally, it is something that has been born from my own experience of ageing and some of the things I have learned thus far.


The Your Face, Your Story Project is a celebration of the lives of fabulous women over 40 and a challenge to the awful stereotypes of women and ageing.


I don’t want price to be a barrier so I would like to give people different options of involvement. I would also like to end the project with an exhibition of 40 incredible women.

One of my biggest failings is that I rush into things. This project is important to me and as such, I promised to give myself the time to really think about the project. So, at this stage I am still fine tuning how the project will run. I hope to launch all the details on the 1st May.

My email if of interest is



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