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January 2024 - 1157 days, one day, one moment

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January 2024 - 1157 days, one day, one moment

My top 9 from month 15 – January 2024 - days 427 - 457

When I started this project, I was doubtful whether I would make a week let alone 3 and a bit years. So it still astounds me that I am now into my 2nd year and 16th month.

I started this project as 2022 was drawing to a close, I was hankering for a personal project. I wanted to challenge myself to use my lens to capture more personal moments and get out of my comfort zone which was dirt roads and sunrises. I wanted something that would have me shooting daily, shooting through the drudgery, finding beauty in the most ordinary moments, and constantly showing up, even on the occasions I didn’t feel like it. I wanted to further explore that which made my heart sing with joy.

I was increasingly aware of how precious the moments were that I had with Archie, Rissie, Kevin, and Rosie. When I began this project, on the 1st of November 2022, there were 1157 days remaining until the end of Archie and Rissie’s final year of secondary schooling. With my project, I wanted to create a time capsule, with the idea of putting these special, ordinary moments into a book for Archie and Rissie to keep with them forever.

My project is called “One day, one moment” and for 1157 days my goal is to take a daily photo. To record a tiny daily moment for the duration. 1157 days of holding on, letting go. My salute to this special phase of motherhood.

As I finish yet another month of this project, I am blown away by how much I love it, how proud I am of it, and how special this gallery of memory moments will be to all three of us in future years.

It also has completely taken me by surprise as to how much it has made me fall in love with the art of portraiture and taught me that to take someone’s portrait is to celebrate their story and their place in the world. It has taught me how precious it is to document your and your loved one’s place in the world.

1157 days, one day one moment


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