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Kellie - a Water Warrior

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Kellie - a Water Warrior

Kellie – A Water Warrior.

In Kellie’s words:

“I have always looked forward to the pool opening each season - I love to start my day in the pool.

I think I first started lap swimming when I was pregnant with my first child, some 20 years ago. I and two other pregnant friends met every other day, enjoying the benefits of weightlessness as we swam our way through each month of our pregnancies - until the pool manager at the time feared we were all planning water births and said ‘That’s enough, stay home now you lot!! (jokes) it was in 2016 that I first joined in with a few Metaqua classes, but as a busy full-time working mum at the time, feeling very overwhelmed balancing busy family life and a very demanding job, I struggled to find that very necessary ‘me’ time, so didn’t make myself many opportunities to keep attending. I was thrilled when Amanda reached out this year to say she was planning some classes in Stanthorpe and asking what times would best suit. At 47 years of age, I am busier than ever (I have 1 full-time job, and 2 part-time jobs) but I have learned to make more time to do the things that help with that mental balance - and Metaqua is definitely one of those things.

As a person who has struggled at different times in my life with mental health issues, I have found that swimming and group exercise is great for my mental health. I LOVE how social Metaqua is, heads out of the water, and plenty of laughter - really starts my day right! If you are a person who has had or is having mental health struggles (and it can sometimes feel a lot easier to hide away and not talk about it)- try joining in with a group class and do something that makes you laugh, have fun, and forget for a while just how busy and overwhelmed you are - it’s working for me :)”.

The Water Warrior Project is a joint project of inspiration between Amanda, Metaqua Instructor from @swimminginthefield, and Lara Flanagan, Photographer from @mynotesfrom

Kellie - a Water Warrior

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